Amazing 8,000 MILERS representing Iowa City, Iowa



Over 8,600 students representing Iowa City, Iowa ran the mile for National Run A Mile Days. Participating schools included Central Elementary Penn Elementary, Twain Elementary School and East Junior High.

All are PROUD MILERS and had lots to cheer about. Here are a few special recaps comments from the leaders of the schools.

Andy Gahan, Principal, Coralville Cental Elementary,”I would like to thank the American Running Association for giving Coralville Central the opportunity to have our student participate in The National Run A Mile Days. We have approximately 450 students in grades kindergarten through 6th grade and 50 staff members that all ran or walked a mile. It was an awesome sight to see! There were smiles and cheering as the children ran or walked around our Mileage Club course. The student had so much fun simply exercising and being with their friends while doing it. Thank you very much for helping promote exercise with our children here at Coralville Central and having such wonderful event. We look forward to participating in the even again next year!”

Karen Calloway, PE Teacher, Coralville Central Elementary “At 6th grade graduation students said Run A Mile Day was one of their favorite days!”

Todd Linderbaum, PE Teacher Twain Elementary School, “This is awesome! The kids love it!”

Tiffany Fishman, PE Teacher, Penn Elementary School, “Our students at Penn had a blast this year during the National Run a Mile days!! They were so excited to all have their own t-shirt to wear! Thank you so much ARA!!! We did an all school event and to see all those students running and walking in their shirts! It was awesome!! This event is such fun and an easy activity to organize. Thanks again ARA for all the t-shirts and making running such a fun part of helping us build healthier students!!”

Jim Weno, PE Teacher, South East Junior High School,”South East Junior High had over 800 students take part in this year’s National Run A Mile Day. It was a great event and the students really looked forward to receiving a t-shirt. They are very proud to wear the shirt, and thankful.”


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