How To Host

NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS is a “youth and adult” fitness event founded and produced by the American Running Association. The goals of the RUN A MILE event are to celebrate the mile and encourage people of all ages, especially children from elementary to middle school ages, to participate in running the mile. NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS is a festive event that promotes the message that running can be fun and is an important aspect of overall health, fitness and well-being.

The concept of hosting or producing a RUN A MILE DAYS event is simple. If you are an elementary or middle school, approach the PE Department Chair and ask them to dedicate one day in early May to have PE classes in the school to run a mile. Where to run? If you have a track and know the distance traveled for one lap, then your mile site is set. If you do not have a track, borrow a measuring wheel from the local high school cross country coach and measure a 400-meter oval on the grass fields on school grounds.