Tour Stops set for 6th annual Miler Event


Bethesda MD – The NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS 2013 is set and young boys and girls are in final preparations to answer the call, “R U A Miler?”   The American Running Association (ARA) is pleased to announce “TOUR STOPS” for the MILER Events in several U.S. states starting this weekend.  The 2013 version of ARA’s signature young grassroots spring event begins today and extends through May 12th.   “R U A MILER” is the call at elementary and middle school sites in over 25 states in the U.S.  “We are excited to see more hosts in other states answer the call to get more young boys and girls running the mile,” commented ARA’s Executive Director Dave Watt.  ARA is supported by its professional division of physicians and allied health professionals in the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA) who have fundraised to support the national effort to increase the fitness and physical activity levels of America’s youth.

ARA announced today the cities and towns that will be highlighted by our “MILER TOUR”.   Key staff and Board Members will visit schools on their Mile Days event.  They will help hand out finish certificates and urge on the young milers.   The sites and dates on the “R U A MILER Tour”

  • Mark Twain Middle School, Alexandria VA
  • Grove City Middle School, Grove City, PA
  • N Springfield Elementary, Annandale, VA
  • Gauer Elementary School, Anaheim, CA
  • Gig Harbor and Peninsula School District, WA
  • Oak Grove Elementary, Albany, OR

“The Mile is a good test and a great first step towards an more active lifestyle”, said ARA’s Dave Watt.   Track and field and distance running have shown increases in youth participation in recent years.  This Miler Campaign is American Running’s effort to spur additional participation among all youth.   In addition, ARA will promote efforts to make the “MILE” the standard mid-distance race in high school replacing the 1600m (high school) as led by the “Bring Back the Mile” campaign.  “We are committed to supporting schools and groups who join in and participate in the RUN A MILE DAYS concept,  Once kids run the mile in this group or class setting, it is infectious”, added Watt.

All national host sites will be featured on both the American Running Association (ARA) and Youth Runner Magazine websites.  Mile Days states include Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, California and 15-20 more.  Results and photos will be posted on the RUN A MILE DAYS website:  www.runamile.org, as well and the YOUTH RUNNER website (www.youthrunner.com).

The NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS™ is produced by the Bethesda, MD – based American Running Association (ARA).   “We want adults, parents, and kids to see the fun in running the mile.  It is a perfect event to entice more kids into running,” said Dave Watt of ARA…  All event proceeds help produce this national track event and ARA’s free youth walk-run training programs.  ARA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968 to promote healthy living and active lifestyles among all Americans. It is dedicated to supporting runners through education and specialized programs, as well as encouraging all individuals from youths to adults to run and be fit.  For more information about the ARA or to learn more about the Walk and Run programs, visit www.americanrunning.org



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