History of running the mile


Four laps, four quarters of a mile…Running a mile under 4 minutes was deemed an unimaginable feat to almost everyone back in the early 1950s. Breaking 4 minutes in the mile seemed as preposterous as scaling the peak of Mt Everest. Yet in a matter of 12 months, both impossible tasks were achieved. In May 1954, the sporting world was tuned to radio reports about the attempts of a contingent of runners in England who were going to attempt to break 4 minutes in the mile. The victor that day and the first person in the world to go sub-4 in the mile was a young British medical student, Roger Bannister.

Join the campaign to get more kids fit by running the mile and get your school or community group to host a “MILE” event. The sports world was in awe when Roger Bannister broke the barrier of the 4 minute mile barrier on May 6, 1954. Over the past 50 years, running a sub-4 mile has been viewed as one of the great clubs to join in running. Running a mile can be the first goal for girls and boys. Eating a well-balance diet and running each week can be the path to many more “mile days” for our youth.


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